Pros And Cons Of The Horizon E95 Elliptical Machine

18.07.2009 14:12
One common feature that runs through every pand and model of affordable elliptical machines is that they may be budget friendly options but they usually also end up compromising on quality. Unfortunately, the same holds true for the Horizon e95 elliptical machine that in spite of having notable advantages has one huge disadvantage and that is its very small stride size. With a stride length of not more than fourteen inches you will certainly not want to purchase a Horizon e95 elliptical machine on this account alone.

Other Features That You Could Like

If you check other features of the Horizon e95 elliptical machine you may like features such as front-drive drive system and magnetic resistance and ten different levels of resistance as too four presets and a heart pulse rate sensor located on the handgrip. Still, to many people that are looking for more from an elliptical machine, the Horizon e95 elliptical machine may not have enough features to make it a worthwhile buy.

The flip side to buying the Horizon e95 elliptical machine is its very reasonable price that, if you shop for it at Dick’s Sporting, would amount to no more than six hundred dollars which is decidedly cheap. This low price can silence many critics and in fact does which is why many people still go in for this elliptical machine.

Of course, there are many pluses as well to the Horizon e95 elliptical machine including its very quiet operations that show that the mechanics of the machine are good. But, for the price don’t expect your Horizon e95 elliptical machine to be too sturdy or stable and also be prepared for loose handlebars.

The Horizon e95 elliptical machine does however come with seven year coverage for its pake plus you get a whole year’s warranty on parts and labor. The bottom line with deciding whether or not to buy the Horizon e95 elliptical machine is that you can expect good value for the little money spent in buying this machine and with good warranty it can prove to be one of the better low priced elliptical machines. That is, if you can stand it’s very small fourteen inch stride length!

It also pays to take a closer look at other options including the Horizon elliptical exercise machine. If you have tried this or other Horizon elliptical then you would realize that Horizon has shown passion and commitment in creating products that are at least up to par and for affordable costs they do serve a purpose for the buyer that ensures good value and good service.

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